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Sound Advance SA2B -- The World's Only
Invisible Loudspeaker with ICC™

The amazing SA2B™ in-wall speaker from Sound Advance is a two-way, full-range Flat Panel loudspeaker system designed for application in commercial and residential installations. Its proprietary structural and engineering features make it possible to invisibly install in almost any standard wood/metal stud wall or ceiling. Upon installation, the SA2B essentially becomes an integral part of the wall or ceiling surface with the plaster, paint or wallpaper applied right over its surface.

Employing Sound Advance's patented Flat Panel Diaphragm Technology™, the SA2B loudspeaker system - using the appropriate backbox structure - will radiate in a smooth 140º coverage of sound dispersion throughout its bandwidth. The SA2B's flat rigid diaphragm approximately one-half inch thick installs into a standard wall cavity replacing the surface area of the removed drywall or gypsum board.

Its flat surface consisting of Expanded Polystyrene™ with a vellum overlay may then be finished with water soluble materials such as latex paints, to match any color or decor requirement. The SA2B may also be covered using wall paper, light weight vinyl wall coverings and selected textured coatings*. (* please contact the factory before applying any textured coating to Sound Advance Systems products)

The SA2B's exclusive invisible installation feature, including the use of matching surface treatments, uniquely allows this speaker to disappear completely into the wall. This capability allows the loudspeaker system to be placed wherever optimal acoustics dictate, eliminating any visual concerns.

Nichols Pro Audio is Maine's exclusive Sound Advance Dealer.